Welcome to the Alumni Association

The South Bay/Long Beach Beta Alumni Association is open to all alumni of Beta Theta Pi from all schools that have, or have had, Beta Theta Pi Chapters. The Alumni Association meets regularly approximately three times per year, and attends or hosts special functions. Alumni associations like the South Bay/Long Beach Beta Alumni Association are a great way to experience the depth of Beta Brotherhood beyond college. The Association enjoys members of all ages. All Betas Wecome!

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Famous Beta Jonathan Letterman

Known as the “Father of Battlefield Medicine” while an army doctor in the Civil War, Jonathan Letterman, Washington & Jefferson 1845, is credited as the originator of the modern methods for medical organization in armies and on the battlefield. His system enabled thousands of wounded soldiers to be treated during the Civil War, many such practices that are still in place to this day.

Brother Letterman was born in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania on December 11, 1824. He graduating from Jefferson Medical College in 1849 and assumed the rank of assistant surgeon in the Army Medical Department the same year.

When the Civil War erupted in 1861, Jonathan Letterman was assigned to the Army of the Potomac. In 1862 he was named medical director of the entire army, with the rank of major. Learning of the trouble removing wounded from the battlefield, Letterman was given free range by General George McClellan to revamp the poor medical services that the men received in the field.

He also instituted the concept of triage for treatment of the casualties and developed an evacuation system that consisted of three stations: a field dressing station, a field hospital, and a large hospital located away from the battlefield. In addition, he arranged for an efficient distribution system for medical supplies.

New Chapters Chartered

In today’s legislation session, three colonies were up for a charter and now, all three are official chapters of Beta Theta Pi!

Congratulations to:

  • Eta Mu Chapter at the University of Arkansas

  • Beta Kappa Chapter at Ohio University

  • Eta Nu Chapter at the University of Pittsburgh (pictured)

Now Ready: Betas of Achievement II

Now arrived at Oxford! “Betas of Achievement II,” the final book from author Erv Johnson, Idaho ’53, has made its way to the Administrative Office! If you’re attending ‪#‎Beta176‬, there will be a chance to meet Erv, purchase the book ($20 for undergraduates; $25 for alumni/FOBs), and have him sign it personally on Friday afternoon. If your donations to the Beta Leadership Fund qualified you for a complimentary copy, expect to receive it in a few weeks. Otherwise, the book will be on sale to the general public very soon!

Own Four Years of Beta History

The Beta Theta Pi magazine is the oldest continuously published magazine in the fraternal world, having first been published in 1872. Every three to four years, the Fraternity preserves this treasured history by compiling all issues published in that time frame into a hard cover, bound volume. Click here (http://bit.ly/1O730Sc) to purchase the newest bound volume. This addition to your Beta library features all issues of the Beta magazine from 2011 to 2014.

Beta Sky

While Nick Lee, UC Davis ’18, was in Dubrovnik, Croatia, he captured these awesome scenes of delicate shades of pink and blue. And for any Game of Thrones fans out there, the castle in the second picture has been used for the show!