Welcome to the Alumni Association

The South Bay/Long Beach Beta Alumni Association is open to all alumni of Beta Theta Pi from all schools that have, or have had, Beta Theta Pi Chapters. The Alumni Association meets regularly approximately three times per year, and attends or hosts special functions. Alumni associations like the South Bay/Long Beach Beta Alumni Association are a great way to experience the depth of Beta Brotherhood beyond college. The Association enjoys members of all ages. All Betas Wecome!

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What is “I am a Fraternity Man”?

btp_google_03The I Am a Fraternity Man movement aims to share the true stories of fraternity men that you didn’t know existed. Having grown tired of the negative, wide-sweeping generalizations that regularly bombard and discredit the fraternity community, Beta Theta Pi launched “I Am a Fraternity Man” in March 2015 to bring into focus the vast majority of young men whose fraternity experiences are positive and nothing like the negative ones portrayed in the media.


With 372,090 undergraduate fraternity members, and nearly 100,000 new members joining each year, the fraternity experience aims to be a positive one which develops better leaders, better citizens and better men.

It’s no surprise then that fraternity men:

  • Betas1Completed 3.8 million hours of community service hours in 2014.
  • Raised $20.3 million toward philanthropic causes in 2014.
  • Achieved a collective 2.912 GPA versus the All-Male 2.892 GPA in 2013.
  • Are political leaders:
    • 44% of all U.S. Presidents have been members of a social fraternity.
    • 31% of all U.S. Supreme Court Justices are fraternity alumni.
    • Greeks in 112th US Congress: 42 Senators (42%), 101 Congressmen (23%)
    • Greeks in 113th US Congress: 39 Senators (39%), 106 Congressmen (24%)
  • Are business leaders:
    • 50% of the Top 10 Fortune 500 CEOs are fraternity men.
    • 15% of Fortune 100 CEOs belong to a Greek organization.

[Statistics from the North-American Interfraternity Conference.]

In addition to the statistics above, a new research study reveals improved well-being of individuals who belong to Greek organizations. In 2014, the North-American Interfraternity Conference (NIC) and National Panhellenic Conference (NPC) partnered with Gallup Research to study the benefits of Greek membership. According to the NIC, “The new Gallup-Purdue University Index study of U.S. college graduates found that graduates who are members of fraternities or sororities are more likely to be thriving in all five elements of well-being during their post-graduate years than those graduates who btp_coadid not join a fraternity or sorority. The study revealed that respondents who identified themselves as members of fraternities and sororities scored better in overall well-being, workplace engagement, collegiate support, experiential learning and alumni attachment.”

  • Overall Well-Being
    Graduates who participated in fraternities or sororities are slightly more likely to be thriving in all five critical elements of well-being – purpose, social, financial, physical and community – than are graduates who did not participate in fraternities or sororities.
  • Workplace Engagement
    National results show that 43% of college graduates who were members of a fraternity or sorority are engaged in the workplace, compared to 38% of college graduates who were not members of a fraternity or sorority.
  • Support
    The support that graduates recall receiving from their institution as students is also important well into their post-graduate careers. 16% of graduates who participated in fraternities or sororities and who say they had a professor who cared about them as a person (one who made them excited about learning) or had a mentor who encouraged them to pursue their dreams, are emotionally attached, compared with 13% of graduates who did not participate in fraternities or sororities.
  •  btp_nexus_09Experiential Learning
    Similarly, graduates with fraternity or sorority affiliation and membership in college were more likely to have taken advantage of experiential learning opportunities while in college (11%) than graduates who were not members of fraternities or sororities (5%).
  • Alumni Attachment
    Alumni who participated in fraternities or sororities exhibit higher emotional attachment to their school. 22% of those who were in sororities or fraternities are attached, compared with 17% who were not members of sororities or fraternities.

First Meeting Success in 2015

The South Bay/Long Beach Beta Alumni Association met Wednesday night, March 4, 2015, with graduating seniors from the Eta Theta chapter at Chapman University, including founding fathers of this new and very successful chapter, and the Delta Sigma chapter at University of California, Irvine, founded in 1975 and forming a strong presence on campus. We joined together for a game, good conversation and great food at Naples Rib Company Long Beach and had a fantastic time.

Both chapters are in good standing with solid GPAs and strong leadership. The Eta Theta chapter last semester rose to second overall in fraternity GPA on campus. Both chapters can be followed and “Liked” on Facebook:

CLICK HERE to visit the U.C. Irvine Delta Sigma chapter of Beta Theta Pi on Facebook.

CLICK HERE to visit the Chapman University Eta Theta chapter of Beta Theta Pi on Facebook.

Naples Rib Company was a wonderfuNaples Ribl venue for the meeting. It was easy to find, extraordinarily hospitable, and the food is nothing short of excellent. You can learn more about the Rib Company at its website: NAPLES RIB COMPANY WEBSITE.

The South Bay/Long Beach Alumni Association’s next meeting should take place this coming summer, and details about that meeting will be communicated soon, so stand by!


Meeting Tonight: Naples Rib Company Long Beach

The FIRST gathering for 2015 of the South Bay/Long Beach Beta Alumni Association will be tonight, March 4, 2015, at:

The Naples Rib Co. Long Beach
5800 E 2nd Street
Long Beach, CA 90803
(562) 439-7427

This will be a special meeting which will include graduating seniors from UCLA, USC, LMU, UCI, betaand Chapman. We’ll also be watching the UCLA vs USC basketball game that tips off at 6:00 PM.

Cost is $20.00 at the door and will include ribs, chicken, sausages, sides, non-alcoholic drinks.

Happy Hour all Evening on alcoholic drinks.

About Naples Rib Company

Newport/Naples Rib Company, founded in 1984, is family-owned and operated by the Ursini family. The original location was located on Newport Blvd and was founded by patriarch Fran Ursini. Naples Rib Company, located in the Belmont Shores area of Long Beach, acquired in 1992 was the 2nd Rib Company location. After the 55 freeway was extended into Costa Mesa in 1999, Newport Rib Company purchased the property at its current location on Harbor Blvd. Today, Fran’s sons John and Dave Ursini operate the restaurants with the assistance of their sister Laura.

The Rib Company prides itself on not only being a premier spot for great BBQ, but a place where locals meet to share stories of the neighborhood and out of town visitors come to sample the rich history of delicious BBQ in a setting that is warm and inviting. The Rib Company values community involvement and dedicates itself to giving back to the community that has been so good to it over the years.


University of the Pacific Welcomes Six

Eta KappaThe Eta Kappa Chapter at the University of the Pacific has assembled its spring pledge class, pushing total membership to 66 in less than three years since colonization in April of 2012.

The University of the Pacific is a private university in Stockton, California that is the only private school with fewer than 10,000 students to offer degrees from eight different professional schools.

To learn more about the men of the Eta Kappa Chapter, follow them on Facebook HERE.