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The South Bay/Long Beach Beta Alumni Association is open to all alumni of Beta Theta Pi from all schools that have, or have had, Beta Theta Pi Chapters. The Alumni Association meets regularly approximately three times per year, and attends or hosts special functions. Alumni associations like the South Bay/Long Beach Beta Alumni Association are a great way to experience the depth of Beta Brotherhood beyond college. The Association enjoys members of all ages. All Betas Wecome!

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What They DON’T Tell You about Going Greek

Originally posted on Bri Car:

I’m sure you know exactly what a sorority or fraternity is, right? Based off of all those flawless TV shows and movies, most likely. (am I right, Zac Efron?)

We drink. We party. We skip class. We’re disrespectful. We’re rich. And we sure as hell don’t have any friends outside of our little Greek circle.

But now, I have a question. Have you ever heard of the word philanthropy? Have you ever heard it associated with sororities or fraternities? Because, and you might want to sit down for this one, but: Greeks. help. others.

And they don’t just help those in need. They also forget to tell you how Greeks are a great support system on campus as well. They can rally and lobby for certain initiatives, campaign their support for different student government candidates, and they tend to have a big influence within other organizations outside of Greek…

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Stay in Touch with the General Fraternity

btp_nexus_09The General Fraternity sends regular updates and news to all Betas that ask to be kept in the loop. The updates include overviews of the Magazine, coverage and reports of events and programs of interest, and special features. In the June monthly update, the fraternity looks at Beta Magazine and its features, including “Beyond the Legends”:

From Walmart Founder Sam Walton to Legendary Basketball Coach John Wooden, Beta Theta Pi is home to Beta Greats who have largely impacted society. But with more than 200,000 initiated brothers since 1839, the stories of many influential Betas beyond the Beta Legends have been left untold. Until now.

Email updates include links to the Magazine, the General Fraternity’s site, and the fraternity’s social media pages, including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Also included are the following valuable links:

  • Refer a Young Man: Click here to help support the recruitment efforts of 129 Beta chapters and this coming year’s five expansion projects by referring a young man for membership.
  • Beta Survey: Click here to complete a survey to help improve Beta’s official online store, BetaSpirit.com.
  • Scholarship Opportunity: Click here to learn more about a scholarship opportunity offered to fraternity undergraduates from the NIC Foundation.
  • Who Gets the Magazine?: Beta undergraduates and their parents, all active Beta volunteers, donors to the Beta Foundation, and anyone who requests it. If you no longer receive the hard copy of the magazine but you’d like to, update your magazine preference and contact information at MyBeta or 800.800.BETA. The magazine mailing list currently includes some 41,000 Betas, Sweethearts and Friends of Beta!

Record Breaking 175th Year

The Fraternity’s 175th year has been one to remember as it broke records in SIX key statistical categories:

GPA – 3.204 (First-time ever to break the 3.2 threshold!)
Undergraduate Members – 9,950
Average Chapter Size – 74.4
Lifetime Members – 200,182
Advisors Per Chapter – 8
Leadership Program Graduates – 2,127

What a testament to the hard work of Beta’s undergraduates, alumni and Friends of Beta.

Beta Sweetheart Donates $100 Million to UCLA Anderson School of Management

He came from very little, and washed dishes in the Beta house to help pay his way through school, but attorney turned billionaire businessman John Anderson, UCLA ’40, never forgot the impact of his college experience. And while he passed in 2011 at the age of 93, it wasn’t before he and his Beta Sweetheart Marion had already gifted some $42 million toward the naming and building of the UCLA Anderson School of Management, a top-15 U.S. business school.

Now Marion has greatly expanded their lifelong pact of charitable giving. With her most recent $100 million gift, the couple has donated more than $142 million to fund faculty, research and learning facilities – all for the advancement of today’s youthful minds.

Awesome Alumni Opportunity!

Beta is heading to Orlando this summer for the 176th General Convention, and President Bob Schnese, Wisconsin ’83, and his wife Lori want Beta alumni, spouses and guests to join them for the fun weekend!

With nearly 500 people already registered, you won’t want to miss this year’s Symposium — Beta’s premier convention experience for alumni, spouses and guests, that includes world-class speakers, entertainment and activities.

To learn more or register by July 10, CLICK THIS LINK or contact Beta’s Director of Advancement Matt Brawner, Truman State ’07 at matt.brawner@beta.org.

President Bob Schnese, Wisconsin ’83, and his wife Lori want Beta alumni, spouses and guests to join them for the 176th General Convention