Famous Beta: Neil Everett, Willamette/Oregon ’84

Born in Portland, Oregon, and raised in Spokane, Washington, ESPN sportscaster Neil Everett attended Willamette University, where he joined Beta Theta Pi with the Gamma Sigma chapter. He then transferred to the University of Oregon, where he graduated, with the Beta Rho chapter.

Brother Everett speaks highly of Beta Theta Pi, often mentions the fraternity in his broadcasts, and encourages new college students to rush Beta Theta Pi for the opportunity to experience the brotherhood and leadership development the fraternity offers.


The Gamma Sigma Chapter of Beta Theta Pi is one of five fraternities on Willamette University’s campus. Beta was one of the first national fraternities to be founded at Willamette when the entire Miami Triad was installed on January 4, 1947. It was the first time the entire triad was founded at the same time on the same campus. The Gamma Sigma chapter is the home chapter of two Oxford Cup recipients:


The Beta Rho chapter of Beta Theta Pi is a Men of Principle chapter. The fraternity maintains an active social media presence with Facebook and Twitter. The chapter was founded in 1909. Since its founding, two of its members have received the Oxford Cup:


Brother Everett’s broadcasting career started at KCST-FM in Florence, Oregon. From there he took a break from broadcasting to be an athletic administrator at Hawaii Pacific University for 15 years. He returned to broadcasting as a sports director and reporter for KGMB, Honolulu’s CBS affiliate.

In 2000, Everett interviewed with ESPN on the recommendation of a friend, and was hired by the network as a sports anchor. In March 2009, he relocated to California to anchor the late-night Los Angeles edition of SportsCenter, which debuted on April 6, 2009.

Lively Broadcasting Style

Brother Everett is a popular and lively sportscaster for ESPN, and often mentions the fraternity. He opens with the catch phrase “Howzit”–Hawaiian slang for “How’s it going?” He closes each show’s introductory summary by shouting the words “Right now!” He makes frequent references to Spokane and Gonzaga University (located in Spokane), Washington State University, as well as references to the University of Oregon. He uses the catchphrase, “Bartender, Jack!” (as in Jack Daniels), in reference to home runs in baseball highlights. He often refers to The Grateful Dead lyrics, such as quoting “Tennessee, Tennessee, there ain’t no place I’d rather be” — a verse in the song Tennessee Jed — when referring to the University of Tennessee Volunteers sports teams. He also frequently uses the verse from the Grateful Dead song, St. Stephen, “One man gathers what another man spills,” as well as often referring to the Pearl Jam song “Got Some” with the phrase “Got some if you need it!”


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