Famous Business Betas

Following are partial lists of notable Betas in Business

  • Joe M. Allbaugh, Oklahoma State ‘74, Director of F.E.M.A
  • John Edward Anderson, UCLA ‘40, Founder of Topa Equities, Ltd., namesake of UCLA Anderson School of Management
  • Stephen D. Bechtel Sr., California ‘23, Chairman&CEO Bechtel Group
  • Eugene N. Beesley, Wabash ‘29, Former Chairman of the Board for Eli Lilly & Co.
  • Charles E. Bennison Jr., Lawrence ‘65, Bishop, Episcopal Diocese of Pennsylvania
  • Bill Bowerman, Oregon ‘33, Founder of Nike, Inc.
  • Hank Barnette, West Virginia ‘56, CEO of Bethlehem Steel
  • Donald Bren, Washington ‘55, Billionaire, Owner of The Irvine Company
  • Fred E. Brown, Oklahoma ‘34, Chairman & CEO of J&W Seligman & Co.
  • Chris DeWolfe, Washington ‘88, CEO of Myspace.com
  • Walter P. Chrysler, Dartmouth ‘33, Philanthropist, Founder of Chrysler Corporation
  • Douglas Clayton, Cornell ‘82, CEO of Leopard Capital
  • Arthur Collins, Miami ‘69, CEO of Medtronic 2002–2008
  • James A. Collins, UCLA ‘49, Chairman & CEO of Collins Food International, Author of Good to Great
  • Bill Cook, Northwestern ‘53, Billionaire founder of the Cook Group
  • William E. Cornelius, Missouri ‘53, President & CEO of Union Electric Company
  • Dave Coulter, Carnegie Mellon ‘71, former Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of BankAmerica Corporation
  • David A. Duffield, Cornell ‘62, President & CEO of PeopleSoft Inc.
  • Richard J. Durrell, Minnesota ‘50, Former Publisher, People Magazine
  • C. Christopher Epting, Florida ‘69, Bishop, Episcopal Diocese of Iowa
  • William T. Esrey, Denison ‘61, President & CEO, United Telecom/CEO Sprint Corp.
  • William W. Falsgraf, Amherst ‘55, President, American Bar Association
  • William C. Glaub, Knox College ‘71, Chairman and CEO Chrysler Canada
  • James A. Greer Jr., DePauw ‘65, President & CEO, CareNet Systems
  • W. Grant Gregory, Nebraska ‘63, Chairman, Touche Ross & Co.
  • Richard Heckert, Miami University ‘44, Former DuPont CEO
  • David Holl, Clemson University ‘82, President and CEO Mary Kay
  • Harold S. Hook, Missouri ‘53, Chairman, American General Corp.
  • Larry D. Horner, Kansas ‘56, Board of Directors, United Way of America
  • Joel Hyatt, Dartmouth ‘72, Founder Hyatt Legal Services
  • Edgar F. Kaiser, Stanford ‘65, Chairman, Bank of British Columbia
  • Charles A. Keeler, California, Berkley 1893, Director, California Academy of Sciences
  • Francis B. Kemp, Davidson ‘63, President, NCNB Corp.
  • Parker S. Kennedy, Southern California ‘70, CEO, American Corp.
  • Shahid Khan, Illinois at Urbana–Champaign ‘71, Owner of Illinois autoparts company Flex-N-Gate and owner of the Jacksonville Jaguars
  • J. Robert Killpack, Miami ‘46, Chairman & CEO National City Corp.
  • Charles D. Koch, MIT ‘57, Chairman & CEO, Koch Industries
  • Carl A. Kroch, Cornell ‘35, Former Owner, Kroch’s and Brentano’s Bookstore
  • Donald Peterson, Washington ‘46, Former CEO Ford Motor Company
  • Dan Irwin, Ohio State University ‘83, Part Owner Buffalo Bills
  • Samuel Laws, Miami University 1848, Inventor of the ticker tape machine
  • Kenneth Lay, Missouri ’67, Former chairman and CEO of Enron
  • R. Conrad Leslie, Miami ‘49, World renowned crop analyst
  • J. Hugh Liedtke, Amherst ‘42, Former CEO/Board Member, Pennzoil Oil Co.
  • Howard M. Love, Colgate ‘52, Chairman & CEO, National Steel Corp.
  • Robert H. Malott, Kansas ‘48, Chairman & CEO, FMC Corp.
  • Matthew Matsudaira, Washington 2001, CEO of Wedcoupon
  • Hugh L. McColl Jr., North Carolina ‘57, CEO, Bank of America
  • J. Bart McCollum, Washington University in St. Louis 2002, COO of AmeriFlex
  • Charles S. Mechem Jr., Miami ‘52, Chairman, Taft Broadcasting/Commissioner of LPGA
  • Stephen R. Miller, Southern California ‘66, President, Dean Witter Reynolds
  • Cruse Watson Moss, Ohio University ‘48, Former Executive Vice President of Kaiser-Jeep, Former Vice President of American Motors
  • J. C. Nichols, Kansas 1902, Real Estate
  • George Nolen, Virginia Tech ‘78, CEO of Siemens
  • Bruce A. Nordstrom, Washington ‘55, Former chairman and CEO of Nordstrom
  • Blake W. Nordstrom, Washington ‘82, Current Chairman and CEO of Nordstrom
  • Erik B. Nordstrom, Washington ‘85, Co-Chairman of Nordstrom
  • Everett W. Nordstrom, Washington ‘23, Former chairman and CEO of Nordstrom
  • John N. Nordstrom, Washington ‘58, Co-Chairman of Nordstrom
  • Peter E. Nordstrom, Washington ‘84, Co-Chairman of Nordstrom
  • John Opel, Westminster ‘48, Former President of IBM
  • Sam Palmisano, Johns Hopkins ‘73, CEO of IBM
  • John H. Patterson, Miami University 1867, Founder National Cash Register
  • William Pennington, California, Berkeley ‘45, Co-Founder, Circus Circus Casino
  • Marvin Pierce, Miami University 1916, President McCall Corporation and father of Barbara Bush
  • Mitchell P. Rales, Miami University ‘78, Billionaire, Founder of Danaher Corporation
  • Steven M. Rales, DePauw ‘73, Billionaire, Founder of Danaher Corporation
  • Steven Rogel, Washington ‘65, CEO of The Weyerhaeuser Company
  • Charles E. Schroeder, Dartmouth ‘57, Chairman, Blvd. Bank National Association
  • Lee H. Scott, Florida ‘49, President & CEO, Florida Power
  • Theodore J. Semrod, Oklahoma ‘63, Chairman, United Jersey Bank
  • William C. Short, Washington University in St. Louis 2002, President and CEO of AmeriFlex
  • Frank Shrontz, Idaho ‘54, Past Chairman and CEO of The Boeing Company
  • Jeffrey Skilling, Southern Methodist ‘75, former CEO of Enron
  • Kenneth A. Spencer, Kansas 1921, Founder, President, and CEO of Spencer Chemical Company
  • Warren Staley, Kansas State ‘65, Chairman and CEO of Cargill
  • Richard L. Thomas, Kenyon ‘53, President, First National Bank of Chicago
  • G. Kennedy Thompson, North Carolina ‘73, CEO Wachovia, 2000–2008, Board Member of Hewlett-Packard
  • Richard G. Tilghman, Virginia ‘63, President & CEO, Crestar Bank
  • G. Robert Truex, Rutgers ‘49, Chairman & CEO, Rainier National Bank
  • James R. Ukropina, Stanford ‘37, Board Member Lockheed Martin/ Directions LLC, CEO
  • N. T. Veatch, Kansas 1902, Co-Founder and CEO of Black and Veatch
  • Sam Walton, Missouri ’40, Founder of Wal-Mart
  • Justin Dart, Northwestern ‘29, Founder of Dart Industries
  • Fred Wilson, MIT ‘83, Venture capitalist and prominent blogger
  • James Wilson, Southern California ‘57, International Grocery Store Mogal
  • Thornton A. Wilson Jr., Iowa State ‘42, Chairman Emeritus, The Boeing Co.
  • Phil Yeckel, Missouri ‘32, Owner, Hidden Valley Ranch
  • John D. Zeglis[9], University of Illinois ’69, Former Chairman and CEO of AT&T Wireless

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